Wow lots of work

I did so much work, the app is still in pieces on the floor. im taking a break updating this. But when it works again, it will all be the same as it was.

Ha. I changed some of the guts for the next change i want to do,but it got out of hand and i redid more than i anticipated.

big (mild bad) news

- the apple version has a bug. it will only read our micro barcodes at 90 degrees.  so you have to orient the barcode vertical to scan it. weird.  aspect ratios stacked and warped i think.  so at some point, if it doesnt get magically fixed upstream, ill change out more guts if i need to to fix that. but i am going to wait for the magic fix and work on other bigger stuff for now, its not that big a deal.

and some info

and  the next new thing will be an organizational change. you will be able to directly scan loose paperwork, the set page will go away as one of the three and that becomes one of two

set page will be making a season 2 return as the "Generate Report" page. but that needs a new name because that just sounds like i am trying to ruin everything. maybe just call it a data page, to compile loose paperwork into sets, attach the generated final report to those sets. email them?  handoff for half checked sets cause you got a truck run and you will be damned if you have to find the last 4 items before you go....