Ok I am working on app store test flight upload process (done) and now i need to...

working on this now-  sort out the apple camera permission issue

next up–   check screen tweaks mainly  manual check/uncheck, and the ability to add a note about an item(that later shows up on the exported report)

then- loose paperwork attention. make the add to set button work, and the submenu to pick which set. also an option when importing a loose paperwork to create a new set and add that paperwork(just as a convenience)

then ill add the generate and send report feature

i have ALOT of ideas so ill spew a few here.  i want to be able to export a set, mid check, via mms ideally, to another device to continue a check so someone can "hand" it off.  

i want, from the check page, to select an item and see the original pdf page it was imported from(to check information) as well as showing the thumbnail and even zooming into it (as much as the limited resolution allows)

also maybe set box number or truck number for multi truck packs.

also (a toggle) it could capture an image of each barcodes "check" moment.  then if questions arise it would offer one more image to play prop detective over.