Make sure you update the app, and you can get online access to WB or UNI paperwork if you are core,  but you can ask them to email you the pdfs when you pick up or call in and ask for an email version.

you can use paperwork made with scanned physical paperwork, but it needs to be square and non skewed to be imported into Dr. Cehckoff 100% accuratly. The pdf's direct from prophouse are always 100% accurate and not hard to get.


Counts are right on, and i cant remember them all, mainly polishing UI expectations

New features-

view original pdf from main screen or scan screen, option on each item to see its page as the starting page

sample paperwork when you install the app the first time, and you can restore it in the options

counts - show the counts on the main page

Upcoming features-
ok this list  is a tall order, but to give you an idea of whats coming,

wakelock to stop the screen from turning off during use.  this is startign to annoy me

longer term

a tutorial, export report, Combining select paperwork to scan from,  autoupdate prompts,  inputting multiple pdfs at once,  and recording barcodes of items without paperwork , to them apply to paperwork later, or exported in the report

Those of you with my phone number, text any time for assistance! This thing works great