Doncha Know

The Dr is on the app stores.  I made a mistake on the android store and its 50 cents a month. I do intend to charge 8 bucks a month or so , eventually, to use the camera.  I have spent around 600 bucks so far, and have to pay 100 bucks a year to apple to keep it up.  And i have to constantly update it to work on the newest stuff at a minimum.

But if I can make enough to not book set dressing work for two weeks a month to work on it, we can have nice things. I'll add features like reports for the Leads paperwork, get the count really accurate, have multiple handheld superfast laser scanners...

maybe if i can make enough, I can pay 1000$ a year and put in a nice camera scanner to take pictures of paperwork and have it import.

but for now its supposed to be free, so the android evrsion will get work soon.

If there was a . or ! in the name of the pdf you imported,bad things friends. bad things. Similarly, if you renamed and added that.  blood moon.  apocalyptic.

So thats fixed and sunny days are safe. for now.there will be bugs and i will crusah them