Its been A while

But I been busy. Big update coming, its in for review now lots of new features. I'm calling it version 0.8.1

feature list

Barcode Error Correction – It now takes about a second to scan a code but it reads them 8 times in that time and now there is no need to scan something more than once.  Sometimes while it was focusing or moving it would be a number off. That is fixed.

Original Page View - You can now see the pdf page that any list item came from with a button revealed by sliding the thing.

Advanced mode - You now default skip the data review screen. It still comes up upon import when in "advanced" mode. That lets you see and edit the barcodes as they come in from the pdf paperwork, in case you get a squirrley one.  But you probably wont (fingers crossed)

Fancy Pants - i made it look fancy

Color Options - its very rudamentary but you can change the colors if'n you want or need to

Old feature you may have missed is you can take notes about an item.

Im gonna hunker down and do whatever needs done to get it approved on the store as a free app.  After that, I will start adding features, starting with the ability to generate a report pdf to print and file with the paperwork with a summary.

Then I got a couple more ideas for features like scanning and saving a list of items to then retroactivly apply to paperwork files you get later.