Stuff I used for free

I used a buncha stuff for free, supposedly all public domain and permissive licenses. I need to acknowledge the hard work of everyone whos work I used. I will. Soon. As part of my checklist to go live and public.  The pencil sound and beeps for instance, as well as all the lil code bits and bobs and plugins and Flutter and iOS and Android teams and hard core solos that make that stuff. All will be detailed here.  

this is for me mostly, i will go through this list and detail each of these generous contributor before mrket launch

Scribble Sound

beep sound

buzzer sound

file cabinet icon

closed manilla envelope(i made the open one as a derivative work, i should post it beside)

for the flutter plugins

mobile_scanner is the heart , the barcode scanner

flutter slidable


flutter native splash

flutter launcher icons

google mlkit plugin for text recognition